• Conquering the pinnacle

    WORLD HIGH: Climber Seane Pieper demonstrates his climbing skills on a Beechworth eucalypt. PHOTO: Wendy Stephens

    BEECHWORTH mountain climber Seane Pieper in March will make his fifteenth visit to the Himalaya range to prepare for his lifelong ambition to climb Mount Everest – the world’s highest mountain – in 2016.

    He will use the training to climb and ski on the slopes of Himlung Himal – which peaks at 7200 metres above sea level in Nepal, near the border with Tibet.

    Seane, a teacher at Baranduda Primary School, was introduced to climbing by a fellow student at Sydney University.

    He finds that the challenge of being self-reliant in remote locations, especially in the mountains, is a spiritual and emotional experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

    “Alpine climbing means I will be going with a couple of friends and when on the mountain we will be totally self-reliant which is how I like it,” Seane said.

    “The adrenalin and continuous problem-solving and reliance on your own resources just keeps dragging me back to the mountains year after year.”

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