Indigo review opens


VICTORIA’S statutory review of Indigo Shire Council’s electoral structure was under way this evening with public information sessions in Beechworth and Rutherglen.

The review is conducted every 11 or 12 years ahead of every third triennial council election.

The review – required by legislation introduced in 2003 – is used by the Victorian Electoral Commission to determine the appropriate number of councillors, whether a municipality should be split into wards or not and, if subdivided, how many councillors should represent each ward.

The number of voters represented by each councillor must be within 10 per cent of the average number of voters represented by all councillors.

The council currently has an average of 1846 voters for each of its seven councillors – a representation ratio about 40 per cent smaller than that of any councillor representing voters in rural and regional Victoria.

But the review must also ensure that communities of interest are maintained.

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