• World title bid

    BEECHWORTH’S Rahn Deuis is heading to Norway – with community support. Australia’s latest sporting champion, pictured with Aten Weston (left), Carson Jory and Sally Cappelli in their Beechworth training gym-shed on Monday night – is in contention for the world’s strongest man title in November. PHOTO: Jamie Kronborg

    AUSTRALIA’S latest sporting champion – Beechworth strongman Rahn Deuis – will be in contention for a world title if he can secure community support to travel to Norway in November.

    The 30-year-old prison officer last weekend was placed second in Australasia’s most powerful man competition at Wiseman’s Ferry north-west of Sydney.

    As a result, Deuis has qualified for the world’s strongest man under 90-kilogram titles to be held in Spydeberg, Norway, on November 28-29.

    He had previously competed in only two events – this year’s Australian amateur strongman and Victoria’s log-lift championships, both of which he won.

    But he’s not sure that he’ll make it to the home of world strongman competition without help.

    Friend and trainer Aten Weston, a Beechworth stonemason, said that Deuis and his partner Kayla had recently become parents to a son, Murphy.

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