• Doctor-free town

    NO SERVICE: Chiltern's Frank Slevin is deeply concerned about the town's doctor gap. PHOTO: Coral Cooksley

    CHILTERN is without a doctor – and the town’s Frank Slevin has voiced concern for all residents about the lack of warning given to the community when the only practitioner left late in February.

    “It’s a real issue for people like me who have long-term health issues,” Mr Slevin said.

    “Rumours had been going around and all of a sudden it happened without any communication to residents.

    “Once there were three doctors, then two, then down to one and now none.”

    Chiltern’s Christine Hay contacted Indigo Shire Council and local parliamentary representatives Bill Tilley (MLA, Benambra) and Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) for help.

    “Cathy responded and took it to parliament but I never received a reply from Bill Tilley or the council,” she said.

    “We tend to have to fight for things in Chiltern that other towns seem to take for granted.

    “The council was involved in assisting the Beechworth community – including providing buses for shopping to nearby towns after the IGA supermarket fire – but there’s been no response about us not having a doctor.”


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