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    INDIGO Shire Council has called a meeting of all sports groups which use Beechworth’s Baarmutha Park in a late attempt to settle division and rancour which has destabilised management of the facility.

    The council was first advised of the challenges confronting the management committee at the town’s main sporting reserve five months ago but has taken this long to act to nut out the source of the problems.

    Council development and planning director Mark Florence last week sent a letter to all user groups and community representatives of the management committee convening a meeting to be held on July 25.

    The user groups include the Beechworth football-netball, cricket, hockey, golf and Chain Gang mountain bike clubs.

    The three council-appointed community representatives include George Browne, Harry Thomas and former shire clerk John Costello.

    The management committee includes Mr Brown, Mr Tomas and Mr Costello and representatives from each of the user groups.

    Each user group is expected to maintain an individual user agreement with the management committee which sets out its responsibilities at the park.

    “(The) council has been made aware of a number of issues at Baarmutha Park which are impacting on the overall governance of the site and facilities and effective operation and management,” Mr Florence wrote in the letter.

    “It also appears that relationships between the committee of management members and/or user groups are, in some cases, quite strained.


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