• McGowan holds Indi stance

    INDEPENDENCE: Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) speaks with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at their meeting in Melbourne on Friday morning.

    CATHY McGowan (MHR, Indi) has told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that she will remain independent of government in the new parliament.

    But she has committed to parliamentary stability by giving the incoming government confidence and supporting the passage of money Bills known as ‘supply’ – just as crossbench colleague Bob Katter (MHR, Kennedy) did in a meeting with Mr Turnbull in Brisbane last Thursday.

    Ms McGowan met Mr Turnbull in Melbourne on Friday and later issued a statement in which she said that she had agreed with the Prime Minister to support “the government of the day” on both matters.

    “I appreciate how important it is for this current situation to be resolved,” she said.

    “The country wants stable and settled government to enable everyone to get on with their lives and business.

    “As an Independent I stand by my principle of ‘no deals’

    “A deal is when you agree to do something in exchange for something.”

    Ms McGowan said she was not in Opposition and would continue to work with the government to achieve “what’s needed for my electorate and the nation”.

    “I will consider each piece of legislation on its merits and vote according to my conscience, my electorate and the needs of the nation,” she said.

    Ms McGowan told the Advertiser after the meeting that the talks “set the foundations for an on-going working relationship and access”.

    “It was a really good beginning,” she said.

    The pair had not discussed policy matters, but there were “infinite opportunities to do work that needs to be done when legislation comes up”.

    “I’ve got a very full agenda that needs addressing,” she said.

    “I’m really clear about what needs doing and the framework we need.”


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