• Mother-daughter hockey shines


    IN another great weekend of hockey, the Newsxpress Beechworth award for awesomeness going went to mother-daughter combination Lesley Britten and Amelia Frankel (13), who played their first senior game together on Saturday afternoon.

    Hockey is one of only a few sports where parents can play with their children on an even playing field, congratulations to Lesley and Amelia who came away with a 4-2 win over Falcons.

    The Indigo Real Estate award for effort goes to Daisy Ryan who played her best game ever on Saturday in under 12 girls against a determined Wombats side.

    Unfortunately they went down 2-0 but Daisy put in a huge amount of effort and played in multiple positions on the day.

    It was a battle of the top two teams in the under 12 division when Beechworth played Wombats.

    The Wombats had taken all before them, and Beechworth was prepared for a tough match up.

    After a slow start, the Beechworth boys got into rhythm and began to put the Wombats under enormous pressure, turning the ball over and running the length of the field to bring the half time score to 2-nil and Beechworth in a commanding lead.

    Shon Francis had the ball on a string and never stopped placing the ball deep into Beechworth’s attack.

    Rowan M’Crystal was in everything, controlling his wing and constantly frustrating a lot of the Wombats’ attacking moves.

    It was a first class effort by Beechworth who won the match 4-1 with exquisite ball control.

    Beechworth’s two under 10 teams played each other on the half pitch on a crisp sunny morning in Albury.

    Ian McVea’s Beechworth White team scored three goals to Ben Merritt’s Beechworth Blue’s one.

    The Beechworth squad enjoyed the friendly rivalry and it was good to see lots of calling and communication during the play.

    Haruto Tokuda was busy in the forward half and birthday boy Alex Beatson passed well.

    Claudia Neil showed all the skills on the wing and Alta Sheridan did some good work in the forward half.

    Anouk Plowman scored two skilful goals in the second half and little Mabel Ryan scored her first goal in three seasons.

    Billy Taylor left his usual spot in defence for a run up forward and scored a great goal.

    Our senior girls Zoe Beatson and Jade Lawrence had quite a contest on the wing and Leila Gephart made some good tackles throughout the game.

    Hugo Rodda played his best game of the season and his sister Audrey made some great plays from the backline.

    It was interesting game Saturday morning for the under 14 Beechworth girls.

    Both Beechworth and Scots played to their very best potential with the defence on both teams great,

    Both goalies showed that no ball was getting past them, which left the score board at nil-all.


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