• Billson’s brims with fresh ideas

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    PLANS: Branding executive Nathan Cowan is set to revitalise Billson's historic beverage enterprise in Beechworth. PHOTO: Jamie Kronborg

    HUBBLE, BUBBLE: Nathan Cowan is – as he says – “living the dream” with his recent purchase of Beechworth’s historic Billson’s Brewery in Last Street.

    “I feel like the kid in the lolly shop,” said the 28-year-old former Melbourne branding executive.

    The brewery was built in 1865 for the Billson family and produced beer until Victoria’s short temperance prohibition in the 1920s.

    Since then, as Murray Breweries, it has manufactured cordials and produced water from the natural spring which collects in what is said to be a vaulted well built by Chinese goldminers.

    Refurbishment and something of a revolution are underway at Nathan’s hand.

    And he’s working with the Burke Museum’s Cameron Auty to clean up the extraordinary National Trust carriage collection housed in a lower part of the brewery.

    Some of the vehicles may soon be back on the streets.

    Call the Burke Museum on 03 5728 8067 to volunteer for next week’s carriage clean.


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