• Submissions prepared

    WEB_Lions Roar for Platelayers House 620 _pe_c7_20190409
    PASSION FOR REPAIRS: Beechworth Lions club members Christine Luckman and Brian Cornish are passionate that the historic Victorian Railways Platelayer’s House should be repaired. PHOTO: Mark Stephens

    LIONS Club president, retired history teacher and heritage advocate, Christine Luckman has coordinated and prepared a comprehensive submission to Indigo Shire Council for repair of the historic Beechworth Platelayer’s House on Harper Avenue.

    “Our aim is to repair the building which is culturally significant to Beechworth,” she said.

    “It is a rare surviving example of railway housing within the region and is under an historic overlay which suggests that in those early days the Victorian Railways had a social conscience by providing accommodation for its labourers.”

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